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Through the many software packages, many have asked about which to use and why. Here is something to share.

Best: 6sigma by Future Facilities
Why: The company and the software have been modeling data centers and their many changes since their founding in 2004. They update their libraries with IT equipment constantly and get the latest releases from the big vendors (HP, IBM, etc.).

Cost-conscious: Tileflow by Innovative Research, Inc.
Why: The cost of this model achieves many of the simulation scenarios that people may be looking to show, but it lacks the luster, horsepower, and details to give you confidence in the outputs.

There are many others out there, such as the Autodesk CFD tool, IES add-on module, and ANSYS Fluent. However, most are aimed at the broader market to depict atriums, under-floor air distribution systems, and other general office-like spaces with much lower air flow and loads. While they may eventually catch up to providing detailed analysis for data centers, their libraries and targets have been largely nudged out by the tools above.

September 5, 2013 | Registered CommenterGreenDataCenterMan